Personality Predicts Performance

Leadership is a wonderful profession.

And at the same time, leadership demands a lot these days: dealing with uncertainty, complexity, pressure, change and public visibility.
Knowing yourself thoroughly, in order to be able to have a sustainable impact as a leader, is no longer optional. It has become a requirement. Strategic Self-Insight is a crucial, indispensable factor in achieving results, success and satisfaction.

Leadership Development Assessment

Worldwide, Hogan is considered the gold standard in leadership assessments. Based on 35 years of research. Thoroughly validated based on 10 million Hogan assessments administered. Deployed in 180 countries and 50 languages, in the USA even by more than 75% of the Fortune 500.

High possible predictive validity

Based on 30 years of research.

Profound strategic self-awareness

By this, anticipate future situations

Discover your performance risks

And with this, your development areas.

Very suitable for multinational use

Assessments in 47 languages, assessors multilingual.

The consultants at 3P Assessment help you increase your Strategic Self-Insight. Using the global ‘gold standard’ in leadership assessment, Hogan Assessments. The result is deep insight into yourself as a leader, followed by excellent advice and expert guidance, all to optimize your effectiveness and career.

Profound Strategic Self-Insight becomes reality. And with it the development that takes you further as a leader.

3P Assessments is the Official Reseller of Hogan Assessments in the Netherlands.


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