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Hogan Assessments

This originally American assessment method is used in some 56 countries and 47 languages ​​to measure and predict behavior of professionals, leaders and teams in work situations. In the USA, more than 50% of Fortune 500 organizations work with Hogan Assessment systems. Also in the Netherlands very reputable companies work with Hogan.

3P Assessments is Official Reseller of Hogan Assessments in the Netherlands for A&D Resources.

A&D Resources is one of Europe’s leading Hogan distributors, serving both local and global organizations.

3P Assessments is Official Reseller of Hogan Assessments in the Netherlands for A&D Resources.

Hogan Assessments excel at:

Ease of use

A very high-quality result in relatively little time.


The reports are very rich of data and very concrete. The scientific basis is broad and the method has a high validity. Based on millions of users worldwide.

Multinational use

The Hogan reports are available in 47 languages.

What kind of Assessments do we have?

The Hogan Assessments have a very broad application, there are more than 30 reporting formats available.

Perhaps the most commonly used are assessments for selection purposes and for leadership development.

In addition, the Hogan instruments can be used for:

  • Measuring cognitive capacities (work and thinking level, strategic thinking power, decision-making styles)
  • Detecting and Developing High Potential Leadership
  • Multi-rater feedback: the excellent Hogan 360
  • Optimal team composition and team development
  • Transition and career coaching
  • Detecting and Developing Sales Capacity
  • Safety: for environments where safety is of great importance (airports, power plants)

For organizations that work competence-based: the Configure program translates Hogan outcomes into 62 competences.

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Frequently asked questions

Hogan has over 30 years of experience in providing assessment solutions for the selection and development for professionals, leaders and teams in work situations.

Organizations work with Hogan to improve workforce quality, facilitate individual development, and increase team effectiveness.

Because many of the traits measured by the Hogan assessments are particularly important in leadership, the assessments are widely used for leadership development from middle management to executive level.

Hogan’s assessment tools are available in some 47 languages ​​and are used by organizations in 56 countries.

Hogans are used in organizations of all sizes – from small businesses to global companies across industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail and consumer goods.

One million personality assessments are processed each year and more than 9 million people have completed the assessments.

Yes, of course. We have samples of most reports, you can find them here.

The Hogan assessment have a very high degree of reliability.

This is mainly due to the thorough and continuous validation process. From the start of the Hogan assessments (1987), there is a continuous (i.e. not one-time) monitoring to see whether the assessments actually predict what they are supposed to predict.

Hogan has massive databases available, based on more than a million assessments per year, to maintain the validation process at the highest level imaginable.

Hogan also works with a global network of distributors and customers to collect local data in (inter)national contexts that increase the reliability and validity of Hogan assessments.

Hogan Assessments are designed to measure in people what their reactions predict.

For example with the item: “I take a different route home from work every night”. People who answer “true” tend to be creative and adventurous, and that’s the main point.
In the Hogan method it is less important whether they really take a different way home every night, it is more important what it means to say what they do.

Hogan doesn’t try to measure behavior; Hogan tries to predict performance in work situations.

Want to get started professionally with Hogan? That is possible!

We offer certification training for both individuals and groups, on-line and face to face.

Read more about the possibilities.

Hogan assessments represent the ‘gold standard’ worldwide in predicting behavior in work-related situations. That has a number of reasons. To name a few:

  • Hogan products are developed based on proven psychological frameworks and are continuously (not once) tested to ensure reliability and validity.
  • More than 30 solutions (reporting formats) are available for very diverse work situations.
  • The reports are directly applicable to work situations, there is no need for an ‘extra translation’ from, for example, a general personality test to the work situation.
  • The number of available languages ​​makes the Hogan assessments ideally suited for multinational applications.

Because every customer requires a unique approach with Hogan assessments, it is not possible to give a ‘standard’ price for Hogan assessments. For more information, please contact us.

This is of course different for all assessment forms.

But just to give you an idea: the HPI, HDS and MVPI assessments (together the foundation for a large number of reporting types) each consist of 200 short statements with the answers True/False or Agree/Disagree.

They take on average 20-30 minutes per part, so together they take about 60 to 90 minutes.

As you can see, a very high-quality result is delivered with a minimal investment of time.

In the spotlight

Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) describes our day tot day behavior, how we perform when we are at our best. It’s about talents and strengths. The HPI is used for the (pre)selection and development of professionals, leaders and teams. The HPI gives you valuable insight into how people work, how they lead and how successful they will be.

Also watch the video (in English) for even more information.

Hogan Development Survey

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) describes how people perform under pressure, fatigue and/or uncertainty.

It shows what potentially dysfunctional behaviors people are displaying, and what the risk is that relationships will be disrupted, reputations will be damaged and even where people can potentially ‘derail’ in their success.

Awareness of this side of behavior (also called the shadow side of behavior) is growing in importance, because the pressure, complexity and uncertainty in work situations also increases.

Also watch the video (in English) for even more information.

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