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Leadership Development Assessment

The flagship of the Hogan Leadership Assessments is the Leadership Forecast Series.

Three assessments (HPI, HDS and MVPI) that together provide very rich and integrated material  to detect and further develop leadership potential and effectiveness,  ánd raise profound awareness on potentially dysfunctional leadership behavior.

Working with the Leadership Forecast Series enables leaders to gain deep strategic self-understanding, in order to remain effective and balanced even in difficult situations and in difficult times.

The Leadership Forecast Series consists of questionnaires (with a total of about 600 items) that can be completed in about an hour to an hour and a half.

The result is presented in three development-oriented reports:

  • Hogen Personality Inventory (HPI): describes the strengths and talents of a leader, in other words: the leader’s ‘day-to-day’ behavior. It provides material on leadership style, leadership competencies and areas of development
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS). This assessment describes what happens to a leader under pressure, fatigue or uncertainty. As pressure, complexity and uncertainty in the organizational world increases, effective forecasting is crucial at this point. This report therefore deals with potential leadership risks, possible dysfunctional behavior and even derailment tendencies.
  • Motives, Values ​​and Preferences (MVPI). This report takes an in-depth look at a leader’s values, motives and preferences. Where does he really get energy from and where not? From this, it is shown in which organizational culture the leader fits best, which culture the leader is likely to create with his behavior, and which unconscious biases/distortions are embedded in the leader’s values.

The Leadership Forecast Series is rightly called the Gold Standard among leadership assessments.

Sample reports

Underneath you will find our sample reports that we recommend for leadership development purposes.

For an entire overview of all sample reports, please go here.


The Potential Report is based on the Hogan Personality Inventory questionnaire. The report outlines day-to-day behavior when a person is “at their best.”


The report focuses specifically on what happens to a leader’s behavior under pressure, fatigue or uncertainty.


The Values ​​Report is based on the Motives, Values ​​and Preferences questionnaire.


The Flash report provides a graphical representation of the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, and Motives/Values/Preferences Inventory scale scores.


The Summary Report is a textual overview of a candidate’s strengths, risks and values.


The Hogan 360 is a very high-quality tool for obtaining multi-person feedback on leadership dimensions and competencies.

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