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Selection Assessment

The selection process for a new employee is of course a crucial process in every organization.

Not only in a positive sense: organizations want the best person in every position.

But unfortunately also in a more negative sense: the selection interview is often greatly overestimated in its predictive value, and is therefore often the first source of enormous failure costs in organizations. Unfortunately, the reality (according to scientific research) is that a selection interview only has predictive value in two out of 10 cases!

Hogan Insight Series

With the Insight Series you will increase the predictive value of your selection process.

Where do the candidate’s strengths and talents lie? What are his/her underlying values, motives and drivers? In which organizational culture does the candidate fit best? What culture does the candidate create with his behaviour? Is the candidate aware of major risks in terms of dysfunctional behavior? What are points of attention and development points?

The Hogan Insights Series are specifically designed to provide you with a reliable, comprehensive and thorough answer to these questions.

Would you like to gain more insight into the working and thinking level, style of decision-making, or being able to deal with complex situations in addition to the above aspects? Then choose – preferably together with the Insight Series – for Judgment, Raven or HBRI, Hogan’s cognitive tests.

Sample reports

Underneath you will find our sample reports that we recommend for selection purposes.

For an entire overview of all sample reports, please go here.

Insight HPI

The HPI-Insight focuses specifically on the strengths and talents of an individual.

Insight HDS

The HDS-Insight version focuses specifically on what happens to someone’s behavior under pressure, fatigue or uncertainty.

Insight MVPI

The MVPI-Insight version focuses specifically on values, motives and drivers of an individual.


The Flash report provides a graphical representation of the Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, and Motives/Values/Preferences Inventory scale scores.

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