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Team Development Assessment

The Hogan Team Report enables teams to gain a deep understanding of three essential aspects of team functioning:

  • Dominant and less dominant team roles, subdivided into: focus on results, pragmatism, innovation, process effectiveness and focus on relationships
  • Potentially dysfunctional team behavior, subdivided into 11 dimensions
  • Team culture: what are the strongest common values ​​within the team?
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With the Teams report, teams gain a much stronger awareness of the team’s strengths, potential risks and shared values.

This awareness gives the team the opportunity to compare its own effectiveness against the context. Do we meet the demands of the environment as a team?

In addition, the team gains in-depth insight into its own potential risks that become visible when the team is under pressure, is fatigued or is in a period of uncertainty.

Effective team development starts with the Hogan Teams report!

Sample reports

Underneath you will find our sample reports that we recommend for Team Development purposes.

For an entire overview of all sample reports, please go here.


The Hogan Team Report enables teams to gain a deep understanding of the team’s strengths, weaknesses and culture.


The Hogan 360 is a very high-quality tool for obtaining multi-person feedback on leadership dimensions and competencies.

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