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The benefits of Hogan Assessments briefly explained

  • Hogan offers many kinds of solutions.
    There are more than 30 report types: for pre-screening, selection, screening of high potentials, leadership, 360 degree feedback, team optimization, sales impact, decision-making style, judgment, etc.
  • The Hogan Assessments report are based on the work context.
    The outcomes are presented in organizational terms (such as impact on your team, stakeholders and organizational culture). You still have to make this ‘translation’ yourself for some other assessments. At Hogan it is one of the foundations.
  • Assessments are available in 47 languages. So also suitable for multinational settings. For example: do the assessment in language X, get a report in language Y.
  • All tests are online. So minimal time expenditure for your candidates, no ‘long days at assessment f’irms.
  • If you wish, you can get certified to work with Hogan Assessments yourself. And you can manage your Hogan’s yourself with your own digital platform.
  • Hogan Assessments are very reliable. That has two reasons. The first is that Hogan’s assessments are based on scientifically accepted frameworks (such as the 5-factor model). The second is that the number of Hogan users worldwide is so large that the validation process is rock solid. In other words, you can rely on it, as much as is scientifically possible, that the Hogan Assessment do indeed predict what they should predict.

You want to know more about Hogan Assessments? Or want to use it?

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