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The shadow side of leadership: where do things turn bad?

Today’s leaders are under a lot of pressure. Issues are becoming more complex, change is accelerating and everything is visible to the outside world.
And with that, it is becoming increasingly important for a leader and for the organization to know what happens to a leader under pressure, severe fatigue or in the event of uncertainty.

This awareness will give the leader in-depth strategic self-insight, with which he can remain in balance in a more sustainable way. And can effectively anticipate to situations that the leader is likely to find difficult.

The organization gains insight into possible risks in the behavior of the leader. Where does the leader’s behavior become dysfunctional? And how can the organization best coach the leader?

This risk side of leadership (also called the shadow side of leadership) often has a major impact on the leader himself, the stakeholders and the organization.

Hogan assessments make visible what happens under pressure, fatigue and uncertainty with the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), part of the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series.

Here it is shown on 11 dimensions what happens to the behavior of the leader under pressure/fatigue, what the the chance is that that behavior will become visible to other people, and thus whether the behavior will have a possible negative impact on relationships of the leader or on his reputation.

Do you want to know more about Hogan Assessments? Or want to use it?

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