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Why does Hogan predict reputation?

Identity vs reputation

Leadership is not about you. Leadership is about the impact you have on your team, on your stakeholders and even on the organizational culture.

Or more precisely, what impact does your personality have on the collaboration with others and what does your personality do to your reputation?

How you are perceived by others and how your reputation develops as a result, determines to a large extent whether you will be successful in your role. Hogan has therefore opted for a socio-analytical approach for its assessments. It is not your personality that is central, but your personality in the context of your team and organization.

The you YOU know, is hardly worth knowing .

A statement that Robert Hogan -the founder of Hogan assessments- embraces, illustrates this beautifully. ‘The you you know is hardly worth knowing’.

The outcome of Hogan assessments is therefore not how you see yourself, but how other people experience you and the impact this has. Not only on the collaboration with others, but also on the organizational culture that you probably create with your behavior.

By the way: with Hogan assessments you also predict potential risks: where is a leader likely to exhibit dysfunctional behavior or even possible derailment tendencies? When does the ‘shadow side of leadership’ appear? More about this in another blog.

Not predicting Identity (the personality you know) but predicting Reputation (the personality as others experience it) is a unique angle from Hogan Assessments.

You want to know more about Hogan Assessments? Or want to use it?

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